About Us

Why use Mento in your business?

In the modern eCommerce world, the best way to increase sales is to reach out to new customers that haven’t bought from you previously, and make a good impression. Social Media allows you to promote your new stock and best deals to people who have opted in to getting updated information, and their approval and sharing behaviour promotes your products to their friends and family which THEY think might like it. This increases the value of the time and money spent on promotion, and gets an ‘exploding’ effect of one interested reaction rapidly growing to many.

What can Mento do for me?

Mento is designed to tie your eCommerce platforms to your Social Media accounts, using the information you have already to help your promotion maintain consistency. With Mento, you can post simultaneously to the main social networks, and prepare and schedule your content days or weeks in advance to ensure consistency and quality. No more last minute rushes to type up tweets or Facebook posts, with the first comment being “That’s not how you spell”.

By planning and preparing ahead, and scheduling your activities, you have time to maintain quality and impress your customers with more than just your prices.

How easy is it to get going with Mento?

Our product is designed to be easy to use, and can grow with your business. Start off using it by yourself, and as your team grows, give some of them access to Social Media to promote, answer and comment on your products and services, with Mento keeping all the information you need available.

What Benefits do Mento bring to my business?

Save time with Mento, and we all know time is money. Maintain standards of quality, reduce last minute panics and maintain an overview on what your staff are doing on your social media accounts. Why do everything separately and rely on calendars and shared documents to coordinate, when you can work within Mento and keep it all together easily.

In addition, with Mento’s curated feeds, you can pass interesting articles out via social media to keep your customers interested, and ensure that your posts will appear high in their activity feeds with minimal work on your part.