7 Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

Starting an ecommerce site is not that hard these days. But how to keep your online shop crowded is the question that gets thrown around a lot. Social media’s rise to fame is something we were all waiting to happen. It gave businesses the largest audience they could ever find to fish in for sales. And we are talking about some really really potential audience, ladies and gentlemen. But, like everything, there is a book to be followed here too. Not to sound all demotivating, but if you’re a rookie to the social media game, you’re most probably going to have a hard time. Social media has got many aces up its sleeves to get a lot of people talking about your brand but it sure can turn the other way around if you’re not too careful.

But hey, no need to get all trepidatious when you’ve got us genies at your service. We bring you some tactics from our Social Media Tactics 101 to win over social media and bring in customers in herds to your ecommerce site. And just to make things more interesting these are the mantras for being at the top of the game. Scroll down and find out more!

1. Use the Right Amount of Visuals

“A picture’s worth a thousand words,” is about as accurate as one can get to explain this. Simply because pictures and videos of your product are more engaging than a product description. We are inherently lazy and likes to take the easy route (at least I am), so no matter how well written, people are going to sigh at the heap of words that makes up the product description. Adding visuals also make the page more interesting and convey more about your products and business. And the more pictures you add, Voila! The more they find out about your product.

But take note, not only you have to add the right amount of visuals, you’ve to add the right kind too. I mean, talking about global warming in the promo demo of your icebox just doesn’t cut it, does it. So remember not to lead the users astray with your visuals too.

If you still depend on products descriptions alone to lure in customers, you’re bringing a knife to a gunfight.

2. Optimize Social Media Posts

This may not come to you as a surprise, but you’ve got to agree with me here; we’re way into social media than we ever were. Millions of tweets and likes pour in on social media on a daily basis and yet, none of those platforms generates any content themselves. So where do all these come from? Look closer and you will find it’s all marketing cloaked in eye candy content.

Nothing quite matches the hype that social media can generate and that’s why you got to optimize the content you take to your social media pages. Understand what floats the boat of your customers and optimize the posts in a clear yet compelling manner to lead the crowd to your website. Engaging your customers in a regular manner also helps in optimizing the frequency of the posts and improving the popularity of your business. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make the posts shareable to add mileage to your posts.

3. Share the Right Content

One of the most important aspects in getting your brand communique across social media is to share the right kind of content. Social media is the kind of neighborhood where your posts could either take you to fame or flush you down the dumps within a matter of minutes. Twitter had a field day when Donald Trump made a typo and tweeted ‘unpresidented’; the point being, you can’t afford even a typo if you’ve got a reputation to keep.

Now, as to what kind of right content you should share, choose the kind that would best define your brand. Let’s say you’re a sneakers manufacturer, ideally, the kind of content you share through social media pages should target getting popular among the youth. Get the drift? If you’re new to the game and wondering what kind of content would be right for your e-e-commerce page, then Mento.io has a whole lot of news for you on how to tailor your posts to suit each social media platform.

4. Add Social Media Widgets. Check.

Adding social media widgets to your eCommerce site brings your customer closer to your social media pages by helping them access with a click or a swish. You can find almost anything on social media these days and the fact that it’s so much easier to follow many websites in one place makes them quite a lifesaver. The use of social media widgets extends beyond driving in traffic to your social media pages; it helps the customers to share and gossip about the content if they happen to see something they like.

So, the goal is not just to drive the customer from social media to your eCommerce site but also to drive them back to social media. Which also brings to a vital aspect in adding social media pages – add more platforms. Not everyone likes the same jar of cookies and some people fancy neither Facebook nor Twitter. So don’t limit yourself to a few platforms. Reddit, Pinterest, and the likes are also huge platforms were a lot of business takes place; just that the social media interaction and marketing campaigns take a different structure there.

5. Paid Ads FTW!

Hear us out before you go all what?! paid advertising? Why would I do that?! All the big brands including Apple and Microsoft spends millions of dollars on paid ads. And they wouldn’t have spent such figures if they weren’t getting much greater in return. Paid ads are a great way to drive in traffic to your eCommerce site. So, where do you find an audience large enough to get your ads across? We’ll give you a hint. It’s got two words, the first one is social and the second one is media.

Social media pages gives you insights about your key audience and the kind of content that get shared the most. Use these hints to create eye-grabbing paid ads. I mean, we all have at some point clicked that click bait ad right?

6. A Warm Relationship With Customers

A business is not exactly a one-off thing and for that exact reason, you need your customers to come back to your eCommerce site and shop till they drop. Maintaining a warm relationship with your customers on social media pages is as crucial as creating a wholesome shopping experience to get into the good books of your customers.

The rule of “speak only when you’re spoken to” doesn’t hold out much here. In fact, you got to be proactive in your relationship with your customers and take the conversations to them. We’ve all seen epic responses by brands in social media pages. Whether it’s a query or an opinion about your site, people take it to social media to address them and nothing lights up a smile on the customer’s face like a prompt response does. Also, share stories about customer feedbacks, success stories to keep the spirits up.

7. Bring in Influential Marketing

Influential marketing has been around the neighborhood for quite some time, but it’s getting more spotlight since social media became the cool kid of the block. No matter how small or big your business is, you got to figure out the key influencers of your business and keep up a sporty relationship with them because chances are, they can do more for promotion and get you to be the new talk of the town.

You’ve got to start with identifying the influencers and market your product to them before marketing through them and with them. Grow a close community of influencers who’re interested in your business and market through them. Given the sheer amount of millions who’ve read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, would you believe there were only 43 influencer? The lesson? No matter how small the community is, if they’re devoted to the cause, then influential marketing can turn heads.

Social media is turning into a place of many roles and it’s over speeding at each signal. So, if you are slow to catch up than you will be left behind. Always keep in mind that these facts can skyrocket you to success. We hope these 7 tactics gives you more momentum to keep up and drive in that much-coveted traffic to your eCommerce site!

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Exploring new tools and read blogs of my favorite authors is the beginning of my day. Apart from this, I enjoy spending my day with mobile, computer, car, wife and loving son.
Jimit Bagadiya


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