With 244 million active users on Amazon,
use Social Media to draw them to your products

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Social Media Marketing Tool for Amazon Sellers

Amazon made $29.33 billion in sales during Q4 2014. You’re already selling on Amazon, but you have a vast pool of potential sales to tap, no matter how well you’re already doing. With Mento, you can use Social Media to reach out and find new customers through people that have already bought from you. Use Likes, Shares and Pins to gain new followers and conversions, increasing your potential sales and profits massively.

  • Use Mento’s queues to plan promotions in advance

    Why post your offers, launches and promotions at the last minute. Prepare ahead in Mento, and schedule the posting time to ensure you have time to prepare your best work, error free.

  • One place to promote your products on multiple platforms

    With Mento, you don’t need to log into 4 or 5 different tabs. Pull the information you need from Amazon, and tweak it for release before sending it to the Social networks of your choice with only a couple of clicks.

  • Use information from your product listing in your posts

    A single mistake can turn a carefully crafted post into a PR fail. By using the information about the product already in place and checked, you reduce the chances of an error or mistake massively.

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