Integrating your Social Media with BigCommerce
is just as easy as customising your store.

Bigcommerce Promote Product

Social Media Marketing Tool for BigCommerce Store Owners

Using Mento, you can easily advertise the products from your BigCommerce store to followers and customers on Social Media. Use the pictures and description you already created to avoid repetition and mistakes. Post your products to multiple Social Media accounts simultaneously to save even more time, and use scheduling and queues to organise and write your posts ahead of time. Work when it’s convenient for you, and Mento will post for you when you need it to!

  • Access to all your Social Media accounts in one place!

    One integration allows your Bigcommerce products to be promoted and posted on any of your Social Media accounts from one, easy to use interface. Create the post once, send it to 2, 5, 10 or more channels with just a couple of clicks.

  • Write posts when it’s convenient for you

    Using Mento’s Queues and Scheduling functionality, you can write and polish your posts when there’s room in your schedule, and Mento will post them on your behalf at a later date. A product being released on Thursday? Write the announcement the week before, and schedule it – If you’re stuck in the car, it won’t stop Mento!

  • Control access to social media while harnessing your team

    With user accounts and team roles built in, you can give your staff the ability to rite posts, but not release, and review them yourself. Make the most of your team, but always have the final say!

  • Use your existing content to promote products

    Every time you copy, paste, retype or otherwise re-create the same content, there’s the worry that you might make a mistake, miss something or otherwise compromise on quality. Mento draws on the content you entered and checked in BigCommerce for your products, and allows you to feed it straight into a post and onto Social Media in only a couple of clicks.

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