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Social Media Marketing Tool for eBay Store Owner

Your products are just a part of the 800 million items listed on eBay across the world – So the key to selling is to help people find your products. As a smart seller, you’re already making sure you’re writing good descriptions, including clear pictures and filling out the item specifics. Why not use all that work to build Social Media posts to promote your products and attract new customers? Mento can integrate with your eBay store and access your details and pictures to build messages for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn easily and quickly.

  • One Interface for all your Social Media Accounts

    With Mento, you can create posts for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and many other platforms without moving tabs, or changing interfaces. Reduce wasted time and duplicated effort.

  • Plan and create your posts at your convenience

    It’s hard to produce consistently good work at the last minute. With Mento’s scheduling and long queues, prepare your posts in advance for new products and promotions, and ensure they’ll be shared at just the right time.

  • Integrate your eBay store quickly & easily

    With your eBay store integrated, all the material in your listings can be used in your promotional social media posts. Pictures, features and descriptions can be inserted without mistakes or mistypes to maintain consistency.

  • Coordinate your work with the whole team

    With teams and accounts built in, you can assign publishing and editing rights to team members, review posts and ensure your social content is on time, on message, and high quality.

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