Why not work with social media as easily as
you do with your stock and orders?


Social Media Marketing Tools for Linnworks Customers

With Mento integrated into Linnworks, you can work with your orders, your inventory, your listings and your social media, all in the same place. Mento is available in the Linnworks.net app store, and can be added with just a couple of clicks. You already work with all your selling channels in Linnworks, and now Mento is integrated with Linnworks too, bringing Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In, Twitter and many others to Linnworks.

  • Write once, post everywhere

    With Mento, once you’ve written a post, added an image and proof read it, you can quickly and easily post it on many Social Media accounts with just a couple of clicks. Post now, Schedule a specific time, or just add it to the queue – Save time and avoid mistakes.

  • Avoid duplication, mistakes and wasted time

    The more often you do something, the more likely you will make a mistake, even in the age of Copy and Paste. By drawing on your descriptions and images already stored in Linnworks, Mento can help you build posts quickly and easily. These posts contain the work you have already written and checked, so no mistakes!.

  • Your staff can help you to make social media a hit

    Mento includes user accounts and job roles, allowing you to give access to mento to your staff to write or edit posts, but control who can actually release it. With Mento, you don’t have to do all the work, but you can ensure you are in charge!

  • Works within Linnworks.net

    Once you’ve added Mento to Linnworks.net, it’s available on the left, along with all your other Linnworks tools! You don’t even have to change browser tab from Linnworks to post about your latest product.

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