You’ve built your Magento store the way you want it.
Now integrate it with your social media!

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Social Media Marketing Tool for Magento Store Owner

Integrate Mento into your Magento site in just a couple of minutes, and the content you’ve used to list your productsis available for social media. It lets you create and schedule posts promoting your goods, and share those posts with your customers. This is an opportunity to market your stock to customers
who haven’t just opted in – They can opt their friends and family in!

  • Work on Mento without leaving Magento

    Adding the Mento module to your Magento site gives you access to the whole package without having to change sites. In just a couple of minutes, Mento can be added to Magento and your account signed up.

  • Use your existing content to reduce mistakes

    The more times you copy and paste, or retype, the more likely a mistake will be made. With Mento, you’re drawing on the text and pictures you’ve entered into Magento, and re-using them. You can also select multiple accounts to Post to, reducing time taken.

  • Work with all of your social media in just one place

    With Mento, you can work with all of your Social Media in one place, create one piece of content, and then post it on multiple social media accounts and platforms with just a couple of clicks. One interface, one browser tab.

  • Write and Schedule posts when you have time

    With scheduling and queues, Mento allows you to write your posts ahead of time, and ensure they will be seen when you want them to be. Build a queue of posts waiting to be shared periodically, to maintain interest, and schedule special posts for specific dates and times.

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