Add Mento to Shopify to open up a whole new world

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Social Media Marketing Tool for Shopify Store Owners

Mento, available in your Shopify App Store, allows you to promote your products and your business on Social Media quickly and easily. Mento can draw on the information in your product listings to help you create tailored posts that promote your products to those that follow your brand or store. Even if they aren’t interested, they’ll often share it with friends and family, who will be! Expand your followers and your potential customers easily with Mento.

  • Write once, post many times, no fuss

    Draw on content from Shopify for your products, or write your own. Once you’re happy with it, select the Social Media Accounts you want to post it on, and submit it to the queue – Just as simple and easy as it should be, and all in one browser tab.

  • Prepare your posts in advance

    Business keeps you busy, and you’re not always able to write posts at the right time. Using Scheduling and Queues, you can write your posts days or weeks before, and Mento will post them to your selected accounts when you specify. Run your social media, don’t be run by it.

  • Add Mento to Shopify quickly and easily

    With Mento added to Shopify, you can access your social media accounts with ease, and without having to have multiple tabs open at once. Just add the Mento Integration from the Shopify Apps page with a couple of clicks and start scheduling your product promotion within Shopify panel.

  • More than one store? Add them all!

    Mento can support multiple eCommerce stores, just as it supports multiple Social Media accounts. And with Groups, you can collect the Social Media accounts for each store together, to create posts on all of them quickly and easily.

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