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With WooCommerce integrated into Mento, you can quickly and easily use your Social Media accounts and their followers to promote your products and business, and draw in new customers. Mento enables you to create posts using the information on your products already on WooCommerce, no need to spellcheck or verify, and then, with only a couple of clicks, share them on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn, where your customers can see it, and share it with their friends and family to generate new sales and followers.

  • One place to control your Social Media – Simple!

    By using Mento, you only have to learn to use Mento – Not your Facebook account and page, and your Tumblr page, and your Twitter account. Rather than working in (or more) apps or tabs, you only need one. No duplication of effort, far fewer mistakes and more time freed up for you to contribute to other areas of the business.

  • More than one online store? No problem

    Mento is multichannel – That means you can connect as many WooCommerce pages as you are allowed. If you’re permitted 5 eCommerce channels, they can all be WooCommerce. Or 2 of them, or 3. It’s up to you!.

  • Plan and post in advance

    With Mento’s ability to queue up posts for releasein advance, or tag them with a specific date and time, you can spend as little as half an hour preparing posts for the month ahead, then leave it to Mento to release them for you. Plan and post with plenty of time to check!.

  • Build your Digital Marketing Team

    With Mento, you’ve got teamwork and roles already in place, so if your team want to write pieces, you can make them content writers, and review their work before releasing it to the queue. Alternatively, you can make them a manager, so they can write and publish for themselves or others. As you pick up more followers, and they demand more content, it’s good to have help.

  • Save even more time, with automatically generated content

    Mento can also recommend content for you to use in your posts, and automatically add hashtags to its posts, to further improve the visibility of your business and your products on social media.

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